Ten Years Later (ft. LilyCloud)

by Nexgen

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Hey, I know it's been a while since I uploaded a song! Sorry about that, I've been working on a bunch of things lately! Here's a track for you about Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight ten years after the series. Thank you for the thousand subscribers!


[Verse One]
Here I am now about ten years later,
Made it out, and I'm a fashionista major,
Screw the haters, worked like a slaver,
And I knew I wouldn't back down, and how I had to cater,
I'm a well known pone I go by the name of Rarity,
Ain't no one compared to me, everyone's a parody,
My competition's scared of me, strove for what I dared to be,
With me and Coco because they can't even hold a hair to me,
I know I took solace in my friends and my fabric,
And even though mess in the end was tragic,
I'm in Canterlot successful because I practiced,
And I've worked for nothing more so that I can have this,
Appointments with Hoity Toity and a shoot with Photo Finish,
But I need to do something it'll only take a minute,
Coco get my quill and ink, don't wanna keep them waiting,
I'm gonna tell them all that I made it,

I am here today,
And I am here to say,
Though it's ten years late,
In your heart I will remain,
No matter what you do,
I will be here for you,
Through the storm and seas,
Be here for me,

[Verse Two]
Here I fly right, ten years later,
So much to show for the fruits of my labor,
They told that I'd never be a Wonderbolt, right?
Forget what they said, went until I'd do or die,
Now I soar faster than any griffon, any pegasi,
If you wanna match my speed, you can try, better fly,
No one can top me, when I leave a halo flash,
Everyone screams my name, talking about Rainbow Dash,
That's right, go hard, heart burning to the core,
Fly by, partner tight, just looking at me soar,
Don't even know what the competition's for,
When they know no pone can beat me, not even score,
Ain't no one gonna stop me until I reach the finish line,
Gotta hurry up be quick so that I can win in time,
Take the stage, know the game well, and how I play it,
Take the microphone, scream out that I made it,

[Verse Three]
Here we are now, ten years later,
Rejoice and hail to our newfound savior,
She manages the land and all of it's behavior,
No time to put off or wait 'til later,
Everypony hail, Twilight Sparkle, our princess,
Everyone bear witness, put her heart in this,
Full filled what she earned and carried out her missions,
As long as she breathes and keeps Equestria livin',
She strives and fights for every one to live happily,
Raise the sun and moon alone, came about surpassingly,
Teaching new foals magic, so they follow in her ways,
Ring with full words, no hollow in her says,
Now she's taught the world and all about the friendship,
There's one last thing that she needs to end with,
Spike take a letter, do I even have to say it?
I'm gonna tell my friends that we made it.


released August 26, 2014
LilyCloud, eery, Aftermath



all rights reserved


Nexgen Killeen, Texas

Nerdcore rapper who dabbles in a lot of old school hip hop, along with modern day EDM genres. All donations go towards production costs and performances.

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